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Print would be top of my list for everybody to do. It has given me control over my personality traits that affect all aspects of my role with both colleagues and clients. Now I know my triggers I can see them coming and do something about the way I respond. If we all understand our personalities and our triggers of shadow behaviour as well as other people’s behaviour types we would work more harmoniously and there would be less misconception of individuals. For me being aware of my behaviour and personality and being able to control and understand it is the core of me being better in work and play. Many thanks Heather, a very grateful JS.
JS, London

Through working with Heather my life has improved on many levels. Professionally I have doubled my income, acquired an assistant, and moved to a firm that coincides with my revised goals. Personally I have reduced my spending, moved into a larger apartment, and had my relationship grow with my life partner. While I realize it is I who have made significant life changes, if it were not for the road-map created with Heather, I would not be where I am today.
ME, New York
Want To Be Your Best Self At Work?

Would YOU like to be ‘Printed’?

  • What Are Prints® ?

Prints can be thought of as the DNA of personality.

Our Print

  • determines why we do what we do, why we are who we are
  • explains how we react and how we relate
  • is at the core of what motivates us AND what drives us mad!
  • determines our strategies for getting what we want
  • reveals our life's challenge

As such Prints provide insight and understanding about ourselves and about others

  • What Exactly Will Print Tell You?

Prints are based on an ancient model

  • there are nine Major Prints - everyone fits one of them
  • everyone has a dominant Print - their 'Major' Print, and also has a 'Minor', or secondary Print 
  • no Print is better than any other
  • every Print has its own spectrum of behaviour - both positives (Best-Self) and negatives (Shadow)

It is an individual decision to want to spend more time in 'Best-Self' mode and reduce Shadow behaviour

Studies have shown that increasing Best-Self behaviour results in better performance!

  • What Makes Print So Different?

Print differs from other tools which offer information about strengths and weaknesses in that it gives information on WHY we behave/communicate in our own unique manner - it provides insight on what MOTIVATES our behaviour

It is fascinating to learn about what drives us to make certain decisions (some of which are not our best choices!) 

Red Resource is particularly enthusiastic about Print, because rather than having a limiting or ‘boxing-in’ effect, the Printing® process opens-up potential and supports personal and professional development & transformation

  • each person operates from his or her own perspective...their Print is their view of the world
  • by learning to tune into other's Prints, as a member of a team, in personal and professional relationships, with other executives, managers and employees, you can connect with them from THEIR perspective and communicate with them in a way that has not been possible before
  • Prints allow us to gain incredible insight into WHY we do what we do and why others do what they do
  • they also allow US to know how best to be "heard" and received by others

  • How Do You Get Printed?

The Print Survey itself is taken on-line and takes around 15 minutes to complete. 

You are provided with a unique Login Code and Password and all responses are confidential. 

The survey comprises sets of questions, with each set of answers determining the subsequent set of questions : it is highly unlikely that any 2 people will be asked the same sets of questions in quite the same way! 

  • And Then?

A descriptive report is generated and emailed almost immediately on survey completion – a copy is simultaneously sent to you and to Red Resource

The report reveals YOUR Major & Minor Prints, describes a broad range of dimensions particular to that Major/Minor Print combination, and provides a summary of your anticipated positive attributes and potential shadow traits

You are asked to go through your report and evaluate how accurate it feels and to make a note of the questions it raises for you

Then, you receive further insights via a written note or a debrief conversation, which covers the opportunities for growth and development through the new knowledge of your ‘unconscious motivators’ and  behaviour patterns

You and your company then have a choice of further analyses, reports and tools to benefit from, to build on and make the most of your Print insights

  • What’s In It For YOU?

Whether for yourself or for your employees, would you like to

  • unlock full potential?
  • improve levels of performance?
  • boost effectiveness?
  • achieve greater success?
Print offers the opportunity to focus on

  • personal growth and development
  • professional growth and development
  • personal relationships
  • professional relationships
  • teamwork
  • entire companies or organisations
  • individual careers
Prints provide the opportunity to see the reality of who people are - their natural gifts and contributions to the world as well as their challenges and barriers to being their 'Best Self' more of the time.

(© The Paul Hertz Group. All rights reserved. Excerpted with permission.)

Would you now like to see your opportunities to benefit from 'Print' through Red Resource?

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